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Control premature ejaculation and last up to 10 times longer with DeLay pills!

Stop PE with DeLay herbal supplement Designed specifically to prevent premature ejaculation (PE), DeLay is a carefully crafted blend of natural, herbal ingredients. There’s no reason to endure an embarrassing and expensive doctor’s visit for PE. Those can be a thing of the past because this special formula is 100% all-natural. There is no prescription needed.

Protection from embarrassment and our history of satisfied clients are among the reasons DeLay is the best-selling product on the market for men who cum too quickly. It’s a breakthrough compound that others can’t duplicate!

Just imagine being able to last five, six, seven, even 10 times longer during sex and not being concerned the whole time that you’ll shoot your load before you’re ready. Clinical research indicates you can expect noticeable improvement in your PE problem within a week after starting DeLay. After a three-month course of the pills, your problem will likely be solved. (If not, a second course will almost certainly do the trick.)

We guarantee you won't be disappointed!

If you suffer from the upsetting problem of PE, please don’t feel alone. You’re one of millions of men who have the problem but refuse to talk about it. Surveys have shown that more than 30 percent of men come within two minutes and that’s too quick for your gal to get going. Some ejaculate as soon as they get inside the woman; some don’t even make it in. That means the woman isn’t satisfied and the man is embarrassed, humbled, and left feeling depressed.

In fact, PE is cited as a primary cause for fear of intimacy and anxiety-related performance issues. Cumming too quickly can also have negative consequences that reach far beyond the bedroom, including clinical depression and other serious conditions.

Developed after studying men between 25 and 45 who don’t have a PE problem, DeLay works to help you control WHEN you ejaculate. The research indicated that some men are totally in charge of when they ejaculate, staving off the need to cum until their partner finishes. The makers of DeLay wondered if the could find a way to make this true for men who have no control - or at least slow things down for them. What could the difference be between those with ultimate control and those with no control at all?

Doctors found that body chemicals released during sexual excitement determine when a man ejaculates. For most men, these chemicals go into the bloodstream slowly and steadily, but for men with a PE problem, the chemicals are released rapidly - and sooner than they need to be.

Once doctors knew what the problem was, they set about finding a way to solve it - that is, a way to slow the release of the body chemicals in men who release them all at once. DeLay is the product these medical experts developed after long hours in the lab and months of clinical research.

Here’s how it works: DeLay regulates sexual excitement in men whose bodies don’t regulate themselves. Specifically, the pills take control of hypothalamic sensors in the brain, reducing the hyperactivity that’s naturally present in these sensors for some men and allowing them to have sex with complete control over ejaculation.

DeLay Pills - The Only Proven Way

And this is the best part: There’s no loss of sensitivity like there can be with creams. You have just as much sexual pleasure and feel your partner just as much as if you weren’t taking the tablets. Actually, many men who take DeLay say they experience increased pleasure because they last long enough to finally truly experience sexual intercourse, often for the first time in their lives.

For your sake, for your partner’s sake, for the sake of the healthy sexual relationship, order DeLay without a moment more of hesitation. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!
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I had just about given up hope that I would ever be able to satisfy a woman through penetration in bed. I've tried every other product I could find, both prescription and non-prescription. I ordered Delay without much hope that it would actually work. I was VERY happy to be proven wrong! Delay has changed my life.

Tom, Westborough MA